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The Future
of Film

radically outmaneuvering hollywood

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We heard there’s no market for short films.

That making one is a waste of time and can never be more than a proof of concept.

We're here to prove that's not true. pseudosinematic is the decoupling of the current studio system when it comes to video media.

We give filmmakers that pursue excellence the opportunity to build their communities and develop without the broken system that is Hollywood. 

Fans become collaborators

Supporting your favorite artist by buying their NFT gives you ownership and access beyond just being a "follower". It instead creates a community of investors and collaborators, with the ability to directly participate in the creation of their next film. 

Individual access to 
industry professionals, tangible goods, and exclusive in-person events.

If you were one of the first people to watch to Star Wars: A New Hope, would you keep it to yourself or would you boast just a little bit?

Let's change it up.

What if you auditioned for a part in Penny Marshall's A League of Their Own, would you phone it in or book that shit? 

Let's mix it up.  

What if you were hired to be the boom operator on Taxi Driver, would you decline because you've never boomed or would you google 'how to be a fucking boom operator'?

Answer honestly. 

Well, whichever way you answered, it doesn't matter, because unfortunately those opportunities have passed you by.   Either you weren't born, you weren't in the know, or you had no connect.  See the problem?

Let's fix the problem.

Owning a pseudosinematic NFT is like having a backstage pass to get into premiere events and more than that, it opens up a wealth of ways to connect with the next wave of film. It will also soon be paired with an premium alt-token (the name is currently hush-hush, so keep it a secret) on the Solana blockchain that can be used in exchange for goods and services within the community and in a multitude of eventual environments...but more on that later.

A community that supports filmmakers with rare NFTs

Purchase a filmmaker's NFT from pseudosinematic directly and fairly compensate the artist.

This is a long-term investment in filmmakers you fuck with which allows them to continue on their individual path of divergent thinking; ultimately leading to transcendent, timeless cinema.

All this without having to pander to the abuses of authority that have plagued the centralized studio system and have resulted in the same film over and over and over and over...

You get the drift. 

A way for short filmmakers to provide real value to a crowd starving for authenticity and real artistry. 

An artists' value is based on more than the number of their fake followers and the paid for likes they have on a platform that only supports them if they stick to an algorithm of flex culture and a high percentage of 🍑 photos.

Want to know what that is?


Click on Event Tickets above to find out. 

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Each Film's Roadmap Activation

once a film reaches a sell through percentage, the following goal posts unlock


pseudosinematic presents: 

tickets live


socials up 

collection walk through for holders

access, details, utility


alt coin airdropped to minters

collection available for sale at full price


director collaboration


liquidity pool initiated

(if sold for a loss, a 33% tax is levied)



collection items unlocked

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The Team

pseudosinematic was created by two filmmakers who refused to believe that good film is dead. Or that to be successful artists have to "sell out". So they roped in their best friends and built a new system dedicated to decoupling film from fat cats.



Dostoyevsky obsessed. Low key genius. Will forever claim to know nothing about nothing. 

empress mawnie.png

Empress Mauwnie

Crazy enough to think running is fun. Loves a good thunderstorm. aka beanfingers.



Belle of the ball everywhere she goes. Loves singing in the car. Hates raspberries.



Sleeps more than he's awake. Secretly skilled sommelier. Talks to ghosts. 


Behind the Scenes

What is pseudosinematic?

pseudosinematic is a community which supports filmmakers through use of NFTs and their smart contract capabilities, which give you access to events, persons, and tangible goods, amongst other things. In the near future, pseudosinematic will be paired with an alt-token on the Solana blockchain and will eventually be used in multiple environments. The coin will be limited in its creation and will also be used to exchange for services and the purchasing of

pseudosinematic NFTs.

 The result of pseudosinematic's efforts will be the inevitable decoupling of the abuses of authority within the current film system, as well as the obvious way in which to fairly compensate artists. It gives community members and purchasers of an artists work, ownership and input eventually providing them access beyond “followers”. Audience members who fuck with an artist's work can therefore become investors and eventual collaborators. Investors in an artist will have opportunities to be integrated into the creative process of a filmmakers projects. An obvious example is that of a director opening up the casting of their next film exclusively to people who have previously supported their work

by purchasing one of their NFTs.

Why NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens represent the ultimate opportunity to disrupt the hierarchy that exists in conventional silver screen media. Web 3 brings with it a new opportunity to build better systems. So although the film industry has been rampant with reprehensible behavior culminating in activities we all know, there's still hope for artists who want to create good work and reach a wide audience, having to kneel to greedy fat cats. This gives filmmakers control over their films and their audience a way to connect without any middlemen. Abuses by controlling interests will be directly eliminated and hiding behind a bureaucracy wont work this time. This will ultimately allow those with competence and drive to  use their creative talents to serve the fans instead of generic studio formulas and algorithms. 

What are the characters associated with pseudosinematic NFTs?

Each character collection is unique, rare and limited.  Its creation is done in tandem with a film's director and pseudosinematic. Oftentimes well known artists are paired with short filmmakers music video makers to produce an nft. Occasionally the filmmaker themselves might design their NFT collection, resulting in an NFT that is unlike any other. Each one is just that, non-fungible.

How many NFTs are there?

pseudosinematic pairs with individual filmmakers to make their own NFTs. The size of the collection ranges from 333-999. These NFTs will also act as access to the films, which will not be available through any other medium at any other time. This means if a film's NFT is sold out, you can not access the film unless you can convince someone else to sell you their NFT. If you miss out, better cross your fingers and read some books on persuasion ie. Influence by Bob Cialdini.

What is pseudosinematic presents:?

"pseudosinematic presents" is a premiere event accessible only to members. It connects fans to their favorite filmmakers, allows them to discover new rising talent, and is a ton of fun. Each pseudosinematic event comes with a specific swag bag as well as a night of access, community, new NFT drops, and entertainment. Events take place once a month in various locations around the continental United States. Event access is extremely limited, often times restricted to under 100 people.

How long does my pseudosinematic

NFT last?

The NFT is collectible art that lasts forever. The access gained from the NFT lasts forever or for as long as you own the NFT. Owners have complete control over their access until the point when they might decide to sell it. If they sell the NFT for less than they purchase it, their will be a tax. Underlying access to events expire the night of the event.

What is pseudosinematic's upcoming alt-coin?

Our secret coin is just that. Shhhh. Keep it down. A little about it: it is an alt-token, on the Solana blockchain to be used in multiple environments. The coin will be used to exchange for unique access opportunities like services from industry professionals, 1 on 1 networking with filmmakers, and the purchasing of a filmmaker's NFTs/films. It will be released once the first two pseudosinematic NFTs are fully minted.

Will the NFTs be on an open marketplace?

Primary sales of all pseudosinematic NFTs will be sold at under each filmmaker’s homepage. The first 50% will be available for half off during their minting period. Afterwards, the NFT will be available at full price. Once an NFT has sold out it will be available at secondary marketplaces like SolSea and MagicEden. 5% of all royalties are given to the artist, as well as 5% of the royalty fee donated to a charity agreed upon by both the filmmaker and pseudosinematic.

What are you doing about the environmental impact of your NFT collection?

pseudosinematic’s NFTs are on the Solana network. In their own words, Solana is built to be small, fast, and efficient. There’s no power-guzzling mining or inefficient, single-file-line analysis. And thanks to some of its unique technical innovations, like proof of history, Solana is so efficient that it has an energy impact a fraction of other blockchains and has the numbers to back it up.

In addition to that, the Solana Foundation has made the network carbon neutral for 2021. Using Watershed Climate, the Foundation is funding refrigerant destruction, one of the most effective ways to maximize carbon offsets

 according to Green America.

How do I purchase a pseudosinematic NFT?

pseudosinematic's first two NFT collections can be minted March 26th at 12am EST.

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